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“Gulf Water Plant LLC” Qatar based mineral water company; this unit is situated in Qatar new Industrial area.

The inception of the company took place early in 2012; since then the company is engaged in manufacturing, selling & marketing of its brands “Jouf- Perry- Samaya”. In this short span the unit has been able to establish the brand at national level as well as in GCC countries. Today, the brand obtained an identity in GCC market.

All the mechanism of the unit is totally automatic. There remains no chance of the product getting unprocessed or tampered with at any step. The unit has procured & installed the best technology available in the global market. .


Providing the highest quality standards for our products through the pursuit of modern technology , efficiency and exemplary work to achieve sustainable growth and self-sufficiency of local pure mineral water.


To be the best in the sector, the production of mineral water in front of consumers and to our partners and our faith to excellence.

Policy factory

Aims factory Gulf waters to higher standards of quality and safety its product in response to the needs of individuals and the community through the provision of healthy water and pure to its customers , with an emphasis on leadership and excellence in the areas of application of the rules and regulations of the health and food safety in line with legal requirements , specifications and technical rules for the scope of work of the company. The factory is committed to the Gulf waters following the best practices and the latest development of standards for safety and efficiency in production processes , and the development of human resources performance , and continuous improvement of the food safety management system in order to serve the interests of the individual and society .

Gulf Factory is committed to maintaining the water channels of effective communication externally with suppliers , customers and law enforcement agencies , and internally with the staff, to ensure the provision of all their needs and requirements , which leads to increased growth and development and to reach the highest marks among competitors .


jouf Premium Waters

Low in Sodium

Available Sizes

  • Jouf 1.5Litre
  • Jouf Water 500ml
  • Jouf Water 330ml


he bottling plant at "Gulf water plant” is a 'state-of-art-plant' for it meets our all the parameters & standard of water purification as well as processing procedures. It adopts seven step purification procedures which leave no chance of the water remaining unpurified unprocessed & contaminated. This seven step purification procedure have been explained through graphically, moreover the hygienic of the plant is maintained very well.



The two third or 75% of our body mass is water. It aids in our body’s’ absorption of nutrients, blood circulation discharge of waste and toxins and much more. Water is vital because it also provides essential minerals, which our body needs to function properly.


With more than 35000 toxic chemicals being used throughout the world, many toxins end up in our drinking water. Furthermore, chlorine, which is often used to kill germs in water, is dangerous in presence of organic leading to THM’s (Trinalo Methane), an active component isolated from cancer cells. Over exposure of chlorine can cause high cholesterol deposits, heart attacks, strokes and even cancer. Drinking poor quality water poses more threat to infants and young children who have 5 times more absorption rate than adults due to more active cells. It is frightening to think of the damage that the pollutants such as mercury, lead, plutonium or polyvinyl chloride, could do to the delicate cells of the growing children.

Even putting up any purifier on line for tap water cannot provide the standard mineral water, since the purifier only de-activates the bacteria and filters the water but can’t change the chemical composition of tap water. If tap water is polluted having high TDS and other chemical impurities, these cannot be removed totally by such purifiers and false claims of purifier companies selling mineral R.O. have forgot that blending raw water is adding pesticides to the end product just for increasing TDS of giving name mineral water.


With exercise and better stress management we can enjoy a greater state of wellbeing. As basic foundation of such health is clean drinking water that nourishes every cell in our body.

The Team

Muhammed Ali H A Al Mohannadi



High level of customer service

All our teams focus on delivering the highest quality of product and service to our client.

Respect for the environment

Our solutions are designed to protect the environment.

Caring about people

We are committed to creating a healthy working environment..

Our customers’ trust

Our honesty, loyalty, openness and fairness make us a trustworthy long-term partner for our customers..




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